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13 January 2012 @ 02:12 pm
Friday the 13th! Grimm!  
 Found this on my facebook news reel and thought I'd share!:

My dad wouldn't let us whistle in the house. It was thought to a boastful act and would tempt fate. Subsequently, if we ever did tempt fate, we had to pretend to spit twice or "tphew tphew" as we called it then, so as to ward off the evil spirits! All part of the superstitious Russian tradition I grew up with. - Sasha Roiz's (Captain Renard) Friday the 13th superstitions 

The funny thing is I grew up with a very similar tradition: open an umbrella in the house, you spit twice; accidentally sweep over someone's foot while sweep, they have to spit twice; etc, etc. 

I still practice this...lol